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We research and invest in the most attractive Australian based small and emerging companies.

We believe innovation takes many forms and can be found in all industries.

We look for companies that allocate their resources to deliver improved productivity outcomes and a sustainable competitive advantage.

We believe that smaller companies can grow faster than large companies, relative to their size contributing more to the growth of the Australian economy.

Diverse investments offering windows of opportunity into new growth economies and less efficient markets.

Why invest in Acorn Capital Investment Fund?

Acorn Capital Investment Fund (ASX:ACQ) is a listed investment company that invests in a diverse portfolio of emerging Australian companies. Emerging Companies (or Microcaps) are defined as those with an equity valuation that is below that of the 250th largest ASX company. Such companies may be either ASX-listed or unlisted and Australian incorporated (or have an Australian nexus). ACQ provides investors with a means to gain exposure to invest and support the innovation and growth characteristics of these businesses.

News & Insights

News & Insights

Fintech at Acorn Capital

By Ben Dalling, Portfolio Manager, Financials We hear the term “Fintech” thrown around in the press regularly, however the term is not easily defined. At

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