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About ACQ

Acorn Capital Investment Fund Limited (ASX: ACQ) is a listed investment company that invests in a diverse portfolio of emerging Australian companies. Through ACQ, investors can support and gain exposure to the innovation and growth characteristics of these emerging Australian businesses.

ACQ invests in Emerging Companies (or Microcaps) which are defined as those with an equity valuation that is below that of the 250th largest ASX company.  Such companies may be either ASX-listed or unlisted and Australian incorporated (or have an Australian nexus).

ACQ Snapshot

S&P/Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index
MER (ex GST)
0.95% p.a
Performance Fee
20% of the portfolio’s cumulative outperformance of as compared to the Benchmark
Number of Stocks
Typically 60 to 80
Inception Date
May 1st 2014
Dividend Frequency
Dividend Policy
Acorn Capital Investment Fund Limited intends to pay annual dividends targeting at least 5% of closing post-tax NTA for each financial year, franked to the highest extent possible and without the Company incurring a liability. This is subject to the Company having sufficient profit and cash flow to make such payments.

* subject to the availability of sufficient distributable profits and cash considerations.

About the Investment Manager

Acorn Capital is a specialist small and emerging company investment manager, with a strong track record of managing investments.

Established in 1998, Acorn Capital believes that in-depth fundamental research, both at the sector and company level, is essential when investing in emerging companies.

Acorn Capital has one of the largest and most experienced specialist emerging company investment teams in Australia.

Investment philosophy

ACQ seeks to identify and exploit mispricing in the Australian listed microcap sector and also invests in attractive unlisted securities in order to generate outstanding long-term investment returns.

With relatively less research on the microcap sector, mispricing is more prevalent in this sector than large caps. Inefficient markets lead to opportunities to uncover investments that may provide greater returns superior to those available in the broader market. In addition, investments are sought that will provide impact investing.

Why invest in ACQ

ACQ’s portfolio provides an investor with access to a sector of the market (being Emerging/Microcap Companies, including private/unlisted opportunities) that are not typically available to retail investors.  This presents a diversification opportunity for individual investors as well as access to a long-established research team.

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How to invest

Acorn Capital Investment Fund Limited is traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:ACQ) and can be bought and sold either via your broker or your financial adviser. Shares in ACQ may also be available through your online broking or wrap platform.

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